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Horizontal Scroll


I am trying to figure out how to not let the website to scroll horizontally. I think it is something with my footer. I think it is the subscription module but can't find.

Please. Advise.



It looks like your navbar is causing the horizontal scrolling.

Try setting the navbar to overflow: hidden.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Form and FormWrapper have a fixed with of 456px use max width instead of width!


Hi Hamilton,

I have changed but it didn't fix the problem/ :frowning:
Thank you very much!


Hi Antonio,

I did you you suggested but it is still scrolling horizontally. :frowning:


Hi there,

Looks like it's because of the form in the footer, which has an explicit width set. See screenshot:


Whoops, didn't see you had mentioned that already :sweat:


Hey Antonio,

I think I just changed the FromWrapper. Now I have changed the form and it worked well!!!

Thank you very much!! You helped me a lot!!!


Hey Phoxic,

Thank you. Yes! That was it!! I could know fix it!

Thank you again for your help!!!


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