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Horizontal scrolling tutorial needs a little help!


First of all, i am impressed by the tutorial @Aaron made with the horizontal scrolling option with the new IA2.

I tried to do exactly the same, but somehow it went wrong!
Does anybody now what I am doing wrong?



50,- dollar for the one who can fix my problem!

Hey @Koen I’ll take a look, see if I can help :slight_smile:


It’s really weird, as the images are being cut-off by the bounding of the “Gallery Container”, if you turn off the “Overflow: hidden;” from the CSS, it’s displays all the photos, but I don’t think this will work on publish as then you’ll get a horrific side-scroll bar!!

It might be a bug!? As the settings you have applied are exactly like my build and I just went in to test the original and it works fine!?

I’m gonna have another play, if I work it out I’ll be sure to message!


Arron, many thanks. It could be a bug indeed, because my Navbar leaving IA2 is also exactly the same as the online tutorial and is also not working!


I’m wondering if there have been some fundamental changes in the Interactions with the latest update to IX2 - I made that Tut before that release.


One problem to do now…
Only thing now is that i see only my first 3 of 8 images…

Hight and incomming scrolling is solved Aaron,
I put the bounderies on 100%


Great @koen I’ll remember that for I do it next!