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Horizontal scrolling w collection list


I have been struggling all day trying to make a horizontal scrolling site with similar functionality to this:

That site is made with a template in Format.

I am learning and switching to Webflow because of the flexibility but no matter how hard I try and how many tutorials I watch I can’t seem to get it right.

Ideally what I’d like to be able to do is import the images (and captions) from a collection so this led me to build it out using a collection list but what I don’t understand is no matter what width I set (or don’t set) to any of the parent elements of the list, the list wrapper, the list item, any of it… the list seems determined to never overflow the browser width. I’m sure I am just doing something wrong here but would appreciate some guidance.

I am open to not using the CMS. What I have been working on is making a div of some fixed heigh (i.e. 4000px) and fixing that to the top left of the Viewport. I then put a div in their with some fixed width (i.e. 4000px) and put divs with images as backgrounds with fixed widths. I then create an interaction to move that from the left to the right as I scroll down which sort of works (still fine tuning it) but I’d love to be able to bring in images and captions from the CMS instead…


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