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Horizontal scrolling with flexbox


Good morning!

So, I cannot figure out how to get the horizontal scroll to work. I'm able to get the scroll bar to appear in a mobile view, however all the elements squeezed together and loose the formatting I set. I would like to keep the formatting the same as it appears on my desktop view, and in mobile, a scroll bar appears with the abiltiy to scroll neatly left and right. Is this possible? I'm sure i've seen it before.


Here is my public share link:


In order for something not to take the size of its parent, let's give it a minimum size. As the desktop width of this element is minimum 830px, lets put 830

And on the parent of this element, let's set the overflow to auto

then i gave it a size for tablet, but i had to remove flex because I didn't find how to give it a width.


OUTSTANDING!!!! Thank you works!



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