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Horizontal scrolling with fullpage.js

Hey there,

I am currently designing and building a website with horizontal scrolling, and I am using the amazing fullpage.js by Alvaro Trigo.

Although the plugin is really great, Alvaro’s documentation and readiness to help are not so… (might be because I am not that of a skilled coder…)

I am trying unsuccessfully to do these things:

  1. Make the left/right navigation arrows to work
  2. Trigger animations when a slide is loaded
  3. create “current” state for a slide link

Is there anyone with some fullpage.js experience that might be able to help?
Thanx a lot!

Tommorow (26.7) -

Later you find this under “workshops”

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So, I’ve watched the workshop and could get my arrows to work.
But, there’s no answer on how to trigger an animation or create a “current” state for a slide link when I use Horizontal Scrolling with fullpage.js

Anyone has an idea?

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Scroll into View trigger works fine with fullpage.js

not with the scroll horizontally :confused:

never tried horizontal sorry let me try :slight_smile: and get back to you if possible.

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Hey guys!
Alvaro here :slight_smile:

I’m know I’m late! But better later than never :slight_smile:

Alvaro’s documentation and readiness to help are not so…

Uh! I’m all ears! How could I make the docs easier for people like you to understand?

So far, regarding your questions with horizontal slides and fullPage.js I’ve created this video tutorial:

And this clonable project in webflow:

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