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Hover and Animation Conflict Issue


Hey Fellow @WebflowUser, Webflow Community Members, @webflow and staff members,

I am trying to make a menu button open when hovered on to show some details and close when hover off ... which I've accomplished using pseudo hover on my class.

Next, I want to have the menu stay open when the menu button is clicked and close when the close button is clicked. I have also accomplished this effect using the interaction panel on webflow.

Now the issue / bug is that when the interaction is triggered and closed afterwards the hover class does not work anymore. As shown in the below gif:

Does anyone know what might be the cause and why might this happen?

I have thought of numerous possibilities and tried numerous workarounds but nothing really works the way I want it to.

If the Webflow community has any ideas or know of any workarounds please let me know. It would help me out a lot.

And note to the Webflow staff members please find a solution to the issue/bug asap!

I appreciate all ideas and efforts to help!! smile

Thanks in advance!!


Hi @DesignerDiana

your GIF isn't working. Try using Licecap. smile


Thanks @PixelGeek for taking notice. Gif updated now. smile


Can you please provide your read only link?


Sure thing!

Here you go:


Help! @cyberdave, @brryant, @bart! smile

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