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Hover Interaction [Resolved]


Hi everbody,

I'm in a bit of a pickle.. I have a webflow project here for a client with a public link (see below). On the page "recent werk" I have a hover interaction set on the first two images. However when i hover over 1 image, the other also shows the interaction. They're both behaving quite strange... Is there a way to seperate this or do I have to make seperate classes and sepereate interactions for every image? I hope someone can help me.

Kind regards.


Seems ok to me


Hi @vincent

It still behaves in a weird manner sometimes. This is the published website...


Strange... the problem is real. I've seen it 3 times... but have not figured out how to replicate it yet.

EDIT: Mouse over the body of the document.

Example: move your mouse from the left side (off the website) onto the webpage - above or below the images.

This can also be done from the right side also.

This will make both interactions run.


Hi @Revolution

Now the question remains, how to solve it haha! I'm really curious..


there must be a transition on the body.


@Revolution you sir, are correct! I added an interaction to the body... Silly me.
Thanks for helping me out!!!


np. You should see the brain fart I had yesterday.

I spent over an hour trying to fix something... Vincent led me to the fix in 10 seconds flat.


Hehe, the famous "add to body" mistake in Webflow... Try overflow:hidden ◕‿◕


Haha hours and hours wasted, won't happen to me again! smile Thanks again guys!