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Hover over pop up on menu


seeking help to replicate the same function. as seen on the below site:
please hover over "skincare" or "makeup" on the menu.

I experimented with interactions - I can get it to hover in and out when over the menu link. but it disappears before i make any selections on the images/ links i added on the popup.

Thank you

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)



Of course you can do it in Webflow :slight_smile:
I re build it quickly for you.
The project is HERE page slider hover
Feel free to copy it.
And tell me if you don't understand something :wink:


hey! :blush:
thank you for your help

unfortunately when I open the "HERE" link you attached all i get is this attached image... no info about page slider hover... :frowning:

is this the right link you wanted to attach?

thank you


Hey !

Yes i told you to go to the page Slider Hover :smiley:



and thank you so much!!! :+1: for the detailed info!
it works perfectly