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Hover parent and child


Hello, I’m new here. How does the parent element does not change the child? I created a hover on the parent element but I do not want it to affect the child. I want to remove the opacity of the “gallery image” element without affecting the text, to improve the contract.


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Hi @Raphael_Tadeu

Welcome to the community! :v:

If you alter a parent, it will affect it’s child. Think of it kind of like real life… the parent is the boss, it tells the children what to do. To change it, make one parent element to wrap the siblings in, and give one sibling an opacity setting. The other sibling will not be affected by this.

This can seem overwhelming, but as you’re new to Webflow, I would recommend watching throuhg some University videos, this one in particular…

Hope that helps! :smiley: