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How can I add a FS.identify on Webflow site


I want to use Full Story on one of my sites ( and need help add the FS.identify on Webflow.

Here is the support link that describes the FS.identify - Identifying users:
Any thoughts? Thanks!



Looks as easy as inserting the your Recording Snippet from FullStory into the Custom Code > Head Code and publish. It will apply to every page.


Thanks, it's working without that piece of code


I have one Doubt , In all of the examples they are using FS , Example : FS.identify(uid); ,
My problem here is , from where they are importing FS . Something like import FS from ‘something ??’ .
In mY code i used , import { FullStoryAPI } from ‘react-fullstory’;
FullStoryAPI(‘identify’, 3) – > didnt worked for me . .any help will be much appreciated