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How can I add a sound intro when my page loads

When the page loads and my logo pops up on screen, I want a little sound intro. How can I add this to the background of this landing page? further more I want to know how I could add a button click noise when someone clicks the enter button.

Here is my public share link:

I know this is not what you’re asking, but don’t do this. Automatic sounds cause way more problems than adding delight.


i think button click noise can be done, but it isn’t recommended. could scare the user / interrupt music / etc on the phone.
also i’m pretty sure you can’t do both autoplay + sound anymore anywhere. you can set a video to autoplay but without sound, or wait for the user to activate it

Hi @Oliver_Davies, I think the other points of having a background audio is a valid concern, it can be startling for some visitors.

If you really want to do it though, Webflow lets you use custom code for that, see this tips and tricks tutorial: Audio Embedding

I hope this helps