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How can I change title link?


As you will see in the attached file there is a link on my website I would like to change link (Case study) but I couldn't see link section

on the left menu tools


I think it's a text Block that's why...
Try surrounding it with a link block....


But this is a template and when I click it it's working


Could you share the site read-only link:
That way I can see what's wrong


Thank You


The text block is already wrapped in a link block...

Select the link node and the click on settings to change the link location

Hope this helps smile


thank you I have just find it and did:)


Hi Tmess

Maybe you can help me again

I would like to add video from vimeo to case study page as Turkcell 8.GNCFEST page under the images section. I add a div blog than video but when I add the vimeo link The vide is very big how can I downsize it ?

I want to see the video box a little bigger than the images

Thank you


You can set the width of the video...
Click on the video
Go to styles tab
Set the width of the video....

But... I would suggest putting it in a container... I think that would look better...
Also if you have time you could add a thumbnail of the video in the images section itself and provide a play button on the thumbnail.... then, on button click, Open a modal Pop Up with the video ....
That would look great


Thanks Tmess

I dit it smile blush

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