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How can I create a dynamic color gradient overlay on my dynamic background image?


In this test blog template I gave the blog posts a custom color. They also have an image.
In the blog posts template I want to give the images an dynamic color overlay from their own color. (My idea in the future is to give them a custom overlay color based on their category).

I can get the background color from my dynamic collection, but it is solid and I can’t seem to change it…


@RobertoMaddaloni, I know using a BG image will allow you to do some crazy thing, but I dont think using the color feature will work without some custom code added to it.

@webflow support can you help with this issue?


Okay… So I am not a developer, meaning I would need someone to help me solve this solution with custom code. Having both a dynamic image and dynamic color as background is too specififc then?


Yes, I believe you can only have one or the other. You would be able to create an overlay as a separate div block though. It would just be an absolute position to make it work. I haven’t had the need for that feature yet, so I can’t say for 100% certain. But the testing I did with your share link gave me that answer.