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How can i fix the paralax animation?


It should be like this:
But for some reason it works like this:

There is no parallax effect ???

Here is my site Read-Only:

How can i fix the button?

I think this one is pretty straightforward! :grinning:

Have you viewed the published version? It should work when you publish and view the page. I cloned this same project and get the same thing in the designer, but that’s because this is custom code. In my designer:

But if you go to the site settings and the custom code tab you see this:

So it works, it’s just not built natively in Webflow. Just publish and go view the page and you’ll see it. Then, any changes made to the particles or the parallax would have to be made in code.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for helping me:)


Happy to do it! :slight_smile: One thing you’ll find is that this is a supportive community full of awesome people!


This is actually so
Thank you