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How can i integrate third party autoresponder codes to webflow?


Hi Friends smile

Is there anyway i can integrate codes from getresponse, aweber, mailchimp, listwire etc to email forms in webflow Personal plan structure? I have been looking for a way to do this but could not find it.

I'll appreciate any assistance. Thanks


Hi @brilliantlights

I have already sent you information on this.

see again here

Did you watch the videos etc.?

It is probably best that you stick to one ticket rather than opening another thread!

I did say get back to me if you had any issues,

I have this working no problem thanks to the info I have already sent you.

Let me know what is your exact issue



Hi @brilliantlights, we have some instructions but not for all services yet. Here is some resources for you to check out :






I'm sorry Friend, i've been trying to learn so much in a little time, so i forgot. Thanks for the reminder smile


Thanks Dave,valuable information there. i appreciate smile

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