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How can I make my slider continuously rotate?


I would like for the logo slider in the retailer sections of my site to continuously rotate smoothly from right to left. Right now it is just changing like a normal slider. Is this possible?

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You control the behavior of the slide with the Animation Type settings.



That is where I am but I cant make it move continuously like a carousel.

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Yours is set to Fade not slide

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Yes, sorry, I have it on fade right now because I cannot achieve the desired slide affect I want. It is hard to explain so here is an example on another site:
If you scroll down you can see the brand slider only moves one logo at a time. Is it possible to achieve this in Webflow?

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Is this what you are after?

edit: ah, I understood, you want to slide only one item at a time with multiple visible at the same time, correct?


Exactly, It would be even better if I could get a VERY slow continuous slide that never stops. Either works for me, I have been stumped for some time on this haha

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You don’t really need a slider for this. Just create a row of items and animate their perpetual motion with interactions.


The problem that I run into is, how do I fit all 18 in a row before I can start the animation since only 5 show at a time?


With absolute positioning. Or what exactly do you mean by “fit”?


I don’t know how to lay all of the photos sides by side because there are 18 of them. To get around this I tried to make a CMS List with all of the brand logos but I cannot get that to move horizontally either, they just show up in a grid and not side by side(see pic) I thought this was an overflow problem but I messed with the overflow settings didn’t change anything.


Why do you want all 18 to show up in a row?

You would need an extremely large screen to see them all anyways.


Well only 5 of the logos would be visible at a time and the remainder would be out of view until they rotated into view from the right like on this site:

Does this make sense?


Yes it does. But you will need some custom code for the single image slide and rest view.

Here try this:

You can keep the images in CMS and use the embed feature and add the links from CMS where is asks for image source, rather then using an external image host service or adding all and getting the link from Webflow Assets panel. However you choose. You can choose how images show.

Looks like this will work for you tho. Follow instructions.

Let me know how this works for you?


You are a legend! Thank you so much man. I have it working I just need to edit the sizing and center the alignment!

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