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How can I see my website trafic history with Google Analytics?



I just set up my portfolio website today and I attached a custom domain. Everything works well except a feature I am not quite getting right yet. It is about Google Analytics. I pasted my Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID in the integration tab however I am not used with the functionality. All I am getting is real time report and only for 30 minutes. I have to mention that my website is dynamic, I am using CMS. How can I see all my page views in the last hours? Am I doing something wrong? And is there anything else I had to do on the webflow dashboard? Do I have to paste something inside the custom code?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!



Hello @dunnope,

In your Google Analytics dashboard, you can select the dates:

And then select what you'd like to see in the left sidebar:

Hope this help, any question welcome !



Hi Laurent

Thank you for your response. Everything is showing as it should now, today I set up the Google Analytics account and I believe it was a matter of time for the tracking information to appear. I did what you said in the reply and now the chart is focusing on today hours which is great, thank you!



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