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How do I add a range slider to my website?


I am trying to add something like this to my website,

It doesnt have to be this specific plugin, any range slider would do. An example of this in action is the following ->

I am trying to accomplish the exact something. As you slide the range, it shows you how much money you saved. How do I add this to my website, where do I add the libraries, etc? I am not a coder, help would be appreciated.


Hey @Azfar_Chattha

It will require some work to do this and indeed you will need custom code. Maybe you should hire someone here, @samliew should be able to help you with this (I am wrong ? ^^) check his site




Thank you @Blaise_Posmyouck.

@Azfar_Chattha For custom Webflow development, please send your enquiries here


Maybe, someone can point me in the right direction, I am really not looking to hire someone.


Could this help a bit on the way?