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How do I add a regular MP4 video without having to mess with embed-responsiveness?


This is the behavior that I want - have videos that play when you click them (or even autoplay)t:

I’ve gotten as far as embedding my video via:

  1. The embed doesn’t respect the container it sits in, it is exceeding its borders and doesn’t resize at all in different form factors.

  2. I don’t want to use YouTube because if their UI on top of my video.

I honestly just want to play a video natively that respects the container size it sits in.

Why is this so hard? I would appreciate any kind of help,

Thank you!


Try using Vimeo. There are more settings where you can customize the look.

Using the video component removes you from the complexity of trying to create responsive video containers, optimized videos based on device type, and video formats to work with different browsers.

Is it possible to just roll your own? Yes. Start with where is the video being served from, and look at that providers options for embedding.


I would also suggest that you review all the options using the YouTube component.

Other services can be used easily with the Video component, as well as HTML5 video via embeds.


I didn’t want to use Vimeo, because they don’t offer private videos (not without paying extra, already have a place to host).

Embedding a video from a hosting service comes with their own player UI. All I want is a video file in my site that is responsive.

Background video doesn’t reliably on mobile. I really might have to go with YouTube which I dont like.


Maybe this tutorial will help you .