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How do i get my navbar to appear under my hero



I would like my Navbar to appear when i scroll down but not until i scrolled pass my Hero section. How do I achieve that?

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Thanks but i still do not get it to work the way i want.

If you see my site, i want the navbar to behave in the same way until i scroll passed my hero slider. When passed my Hero silder i want my navbar to drop down. Any idea how this can be achieved?

At the same time i dont want any effect on the Navbar when in Mobile menu.

Like this;


Can't say I know enough to offer help but are you looking for the navbar to appear once the hero is scrolled past without a navbar positioned at the top of the hero?


You need to assign an interaction to a FIXED-DIV.
Use the transition to move the DIV above the visible portion of the screen (-100%).
When the Hero section goes out of the view - trigger the interaction to move the DIV into the correct position.


We need the read-only link if you want us to work with you on this.




Here it is.



Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the help so far!

I now accomplished to make the navbar behave as I intended but I still have one small problem. I dont want the effect of the navbar sliding down when browsing in Mobile Landscape and Mobile Portrait. Any suggestion?



Create a mobile only element...
- that is hidden for non-mobile.

Display your regular nav on non-mobile displays...
- hide it on mobile.


Many thanks for all your help.

Really great forum!!


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