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How do I get the "sugar regulating booster banner" to stick to the page?

Hi, when i scroll i want the logo and bag icon banner stuck to the top then below it i want the sugar regulating booster banner stuck below it. Ive got it to work before the animation, but if i scroll after the animation the banner disappears and scrolls out of view.

Please help.

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Sjlee Herb Project][1]

hi @Glee and welcome, your navbar is set to sticky, the easiest way to achieve your request is to move your Sugar Regulating Booster inside this navbar

CleanShot 2021-01-31 at 10.17.03

Thanks for your reply, I actually should clarify. When the page loads I want the navbar, menu bar, and Sugar regulating booster banner to be showing. When i scroll down I want the Menu bar to disappear, and the sugar regulating booster banner to fill the gap of the scrolled Menu Bar.