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How do I have changing backgrounds


Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new to webflow and a novice with regards to web building.

I would like to have changing backgrounds when we click on the sliding buttons, instead of having the images change in the slider.

Here is the read only link -

Any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance for all the help.

Many Thanks,


Hey John,

I m not quite sure what you mean by "we like to have changing backgrounds when we click on the sliding buttons, instead of having the images change in the slider" ?

Do you want to have another background image (right now woman standing "on" water), when you click on either the slider arrows (left / right) or the slider navigation dots?

= change text AND background ?

If so then just apply another background image to e.g. slide 2...slide 3 and so on.



Thank you Daniel for the quick turnaround, appreciate it.

I'll get back to you once I try this

Many Thanks,


Hi Daniel,

I just tried it while the images do change, they don't cover the area like that of the background image where the lady is standing.

Here are the screenshots

Many Thanks,


Oh I can see your problem.

You want to have the Navigation-Background also change as well as the Slider Image?

I would have structured that a bit differend though.

  1. Remove all the Background Images from the element "banner"

  2. Set height of element "big-slider" to 850px.
    2.1 Change floating to clear
    2.2 Set position to absolute (top)

  3. Change the padding-top for all "slide" - elements to something higher. maybe 226px or so.

Then, whenever the image changes, it also affects the header area.

Sorry for the weird describtion. English is not my native language.

Hope that this will help to solve your problem.



Thank you Daniel, I am going try this out and will keep you updated on progress.

Appreciate it much,


Daniel you Intellect! Thanks a bunch. It works like a charm, but I'll be back to hound you if I should run into a hardstop smile

Thank you again



I am going to check with you on just one more thing. How easy is it to migrate from webflow to wordpress and if so how can we accomplish it.

Thank you much in anticipation,


Hey John,

I have no idea. But I ve read some articles about that topic and it should be fairly "easy".

Maybe there is already a threat within this forum about that but there are some videos available at youtube. Check them out.
Link YT | Link 2 Forum