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How do I influnce what my object is relative to?


How do I influnce what my object is relative to? No matter what I do, this little fella allway says "body"

Though my div is nested 3 levels deep.

How is this supposed to work?

Question about parent elements

Ok, so I solved it. The parent object must have some other positioning then "auto" enabled.


OK, so, the best rule in CSS:

Objects are positioned regarding their closest positioned parent.

Every word is important smile

And luckily, we have the position:relative to play with. So, if you want B to be relative to A, give A position:relative so it's positioned, and B relative + coordinates or absolute + coordinates. Relative with nothing else doesn't have any effect on object. Be sure that no other object is positioned between what you want to position and the reference parent.

I'm going to start making teeshirts with this rule I think smile


ah we posted at the same time smile


Thanks though, good answer. I might be interested in one of those shirts. smile

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