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How do i make Body width 800 x 600?


I want to design a pop-up page of 800x600. But i can't change the body width as it is marked out gray.

How do i achieve this? is there a way around this?

cc: sabana, cheersdave, Arthur


I'm not trying to create a modal window, i want to only create the page but it must have width 800 x height 600.

Thanks smile


The body is only the "canvas" of the site.

If you want a 800x600 panel in your site, drag a DIV, give it 800x600, center it and put your content inside.



Was just about to give you a hint about modal window...;)

Well, you cant adjust the body size, so the way to go is to go for a modal window sized 800x600 on desktop (and have it sized properly for mobile devices)


Silly me. smile Thank You, i appreciate


for what i'm about to achieve, is the modal window the best fit?
I only want to create this page with dimensions 800x600 and then upload it to my hosting to use as a pop-up on another site.


You can create the modal in Webflow and then export the code to use it on your existing site, yes!

Check here..Title is: "Pop-up - modal window with slide or fade effect"
There's step-by-step instructions and a live demo showcasing it.


You are very helpful and the above link is awesome smile


Glad I could help ya'! smile

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