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How do I point my website site to my own domain name?


Hi, this might be a simple question but: Is there a way to remove the 'webflow' section of the wed address?


buy a domain and point it to it


I thought this. Sorry, I'm really simple and just need it for my photography. I have a domain with 1&1, I don't suppose you know how I'd do an immediate re-direct from that 'pure' url to this one? Help much appreciated!


And also, I'd want to point my 'pure' url to this one, as this one has a better 'look'.


It's best to contact support directly as they might know more information about different domain providers and how to go about pointing your domain to the webflow site. smile


this article should help you =)


Thank you guys, not managed it yet (really am simple at this) but I've got an idea!