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How do i remove template and keep hosting


I’d like to rebuild my webflow website without the template I initially used, how do I remove the template and start again while keeping the hosting that I’ve just paid for?


There’s no way to “remove” a template from a project. If you’re redesigning your site the best you can do is to do the redesign in another project and once you’ve finished you go to your first site and cancel the subscription on it and add a new subscription to the new site.

When you do this and cancel your current subscription if you paid annually or monthly for it you’ll get a refund for the time not used.

You can always send and email to to get help about hosting and subscriptions.


fantastic, thanks for that


It’s a little messy, but you can build your new website by adding new pages, but only link it to itself, so you cannot go back and forth from new pages to old pages. Once your done building the new version, just delete the old website pages so only the new pages remain. Then you can put the new home as your “home” and now you have replaced the old website without having to switch over hosting. Again, it’s a bit messy, but doable.


Aaaayyyyye I owe you a burger :hamburger::hamburger: I will try that


Also - as @aaronocampo said - contact support to see if there are any one-off workarounds they could do…you never know


Spoke to support, no workaround, they suggested starting a new project and getting refund. but I think @chuzzweb suggestions seem the best way forward


I tried deleting the page and it works however the template credit still goes to original template used.