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How do I turn off the email footer: Number of submissions received in my emails


A client of mine noticed that the following line is added to the emails:

Number of submissions received
35/1000 this month
August 27th – September 27th
[Unsubscribe] from notifications for this site.

How do we turn this off and not show it in the emails?


Duplicate of New email footer


Not completely. That topic was more about getting rid of the Webflow Team in the signature. Anyway they are related indeed. Hope webflow has an option to remove it from the sended mails.


We are working on a way for you to control that right now. It will ship very soon.


Hi @Lindapham Thanks for your fast reply. Could you give an update in this thread when the updates is shipped?


Hi everyone. You now should be able to turn on or off the form submission count from your form notification emails.

New email footer