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How do you change tab colour to transparent?


Title says it all really :slight_smile:

Appreciate any input!


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Hi @smallio,

I would be happy to help :blush:

Could you provide your public share link so that I can take a look?

And this next question may be answered when I see it: do you want the tab color to change on click?


Hey @micahryanhtml appreciate it! Here ya go :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It looks like the share link is no longer working. :blush:


@micahryanhtml Should be good now. Sorry about that!



Remove all background images and color from the unselected option to make the unselected options transparent.

Take a look at the short video I created:

Hopefully this helps :blush:


Ooo thank you for that! Unfortunately I’m seeing this :frowning:

(edit working now)


Yeah, it took a bit to upload. :blush:


You hero, thank you!!!

Is it impossible to make the current one transparent? That was my issue, I kept trying on that one vs the others aha.


Just do the opposite: style the unselected, and make the “Current” tab transparent.

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Ohhhhhhh my problem was changing it to another colour first - then it allows for it.

You are a hero sir! Hope you have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


:blush: Glad it worked

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