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How do you change the default heading styles


I would like to be able to change the heading styles in a rich text field – i.e. change the size and padding of the default h1, h2 etc. Is that possible?
Sorry if this has been answered before.



If you choose the global tag of an H2 for example
you will style all H2’s including them inside a Rich Text Field.

You can also style an H2 differently inside a RTF(Rich Text Field) when you have given the RTF a class.

So add a RTF, give it a class name, select a element inside, select the global tag(pink) then choose Nest selector
That way you can have a style for single H2’s and one style for H2’s inside a RTF.

Makes sense?

Good Luck :grinning:



That makes perfect sense - with a bonus bit of detail.
thanks for taking the time to reply!