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How do you Copy and Paste full page


I am trying to simply copy and paste an entire page. I am currently copying and pasting each element one at a time and it would speed things up if I could copy over the whole body. But it doesn't seem to work. Anyone know how I can simply copy and paste all the elements at one time from page to page. I want to do it for layout purposes and I will be changing the non symbol elements once they are copied to the other page. I just want to keep the structure.

Please let me know.




Hello Jibby,
Did you try to copy/clone page?


Amazing. That just saved me 10 minutes per page for like 150 more pages.. I'm glad I asked this question 15 pages into these section. Geez you just saved me a ton of time. It worked great. I can't believe I overlooked that. I've seen that Icon alot and never even thought of it. You are great @sabanna

Thanks Again,



:smiley: You are welcome. I am glad you you don't have to spend all that time on copy/paste :wink:

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