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How do you remove a focused state?


Currently I have text links with hovers (to change the color), then on accident I hit the focused state. How do I remove the focused state?


Hi @Jan78

  1. select the element you would like to edit,
  2. navigate to its focused state
  3. if you see any styles with a light blue color, click on it then click "REMOVE STYLE"

​Try these steps and let me know if you're successful.

Good luck, have fun smile


Thank you for your response, PG. This worked on test subjects, but what if I never focused an element? I gave a hover state, then by accident clicked focused. Does that matter in the code when I export it? I want this evil second blue dot to disappear, and I don't see any styles with the blue light color or an option to "Remove Style".


I'm having the same problem, I'd like to remove the state and the evil blue dot. I also don't see a "remove style" option just like Jan78 says.


Hello @shirleyh and @Jan78

can you both give me the read-only links to your projects so i can take a look?

thanks smile


It's just a test. The hover in h4 is what I want to remove.


It looks like the dot on the hover is gone now. If you removed it, can you relay how that was done?

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