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How Does Webflow Create the New Feature Updates pop-up Modal?


How Does Webflow Create the New Feature Updates pop-up Modal?

Every time Webflow has a new feature come out, it auto updates you on log-in.
My question: How does Webflow achieve this using Webflow or a 3rd party system.
Thanks :slightly_smiling:


There are 2 ways to make a modal in webflow. One is using pure interactions and the other is using custom code.

Here's the custom code option

The same effect can be done in interactions without the custom code.

Good Luck! Modals are awesome!


Hey @DFink I know all about creating a modal in Webflow, which is the easy part and fun part! What I was wondering was how Webflow got their New Features to automatically update users on things they haven't seen yet. When I log-in to Webflow after being away for a few days and a new feature rolls in , when I log-in I see a modal window with links to the New Features I haven't seen yet, and links to the corresponding blog posts.


Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt

This is custom code that is implemented into our platform.

But you can make modals use cookies with custom code.


Oh, that makes sense!
I need to find a way to implement something similar on a school website.
- Scott

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