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How is it possible to adjust the height of the slider?


Hi! I wonder how is it possible to adjust the height of the slider? It seems to have a fixed height when u add it? I can't figure out how to change this since my images are far more higher!

Any help would be great!

Is 200px the minimum height for a slider?

Hey @webbor you can adjust the height of the slider by going to the Slider element and overriding the height there.


HI @thesergie I tried that and it didn't do anything. then I saw another post that it is not possible?

I have cloned this website to test and the original slider is 500px height

Then in the actual one i am building in, when i add the slider myself, it height stays at 300 px no matter what i do.

Please help!


Looks like you figured it out. You have to select the "Slider" element (the highest element that houses all the other slider elements) and set the height from 300px to whatever you wish.


thank you for your reply! i am new to webflow and find your tutorials very very helpful! Thank you so much! smile