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How make a button for Close and open? ...i really new in webflow


how make a button for Close and open?


I'm guessing open and close a div ?

Tie an interaction to whatever you need to click on...

ie: a link - an image - etc

Here's a video for click trigger interactions

The video is a little out-dated though. But it will get you in the right direction.


yes i saw the video....but i want a button inside the content that let me close and unfold content, because the content is too long


so you want a "more / less" button ?


like this ?

UPDATE: I moved form into a different account

Copy / Clone whatever

It's now here


yes!!!!!.... but i don't want that the first button can i do that?


you want the more button to stay visible... even with the less button there ?


I moved the code into it's showcase.


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