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How many hours does it take for a beginner to build a website like this

Hello everyone!
I am a very beginner in Webflow and I want to make a website(a website introducing a community ) for someone. Can someone tell me how long does it realistically take for a beginner to make a website like those?:
Thank you and have a nice day!

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Hi there,

I would be glad to assist you.
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Hi @Ahad ,

It’s difficult to give an estimate without a deep dive in those websites, but they are both fairly big.
Depending if you have the design ready or not, you’ll need a few weeks to get this done as a beginner I guess…



Hi there! Site’s like this, with dozens of pages, etc. I’d plan for 12 - 16 weeks easily, unless you bought a template and copy pasted the content. With a template you may cut it down to 8. This would not be an easy build for sure. Hope that helps.

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