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How to A List Of Benefits


Hi there,

I have started using Webflow recently and currently in the process of replicating a Photoshop design into Webflow.

I need to create a list of benefits including a headline for each.

I have tried using the list and list item properties but not getting the desired look.

The image below is the look I am trying to replicate.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



Hello @derickstrydom! smile

Try not thinking of the list as a list, but more like columns or rows.

For my site for example, in the "Introduction" section, I decided to go with this style:



You could also use Tabs to display content in a more interactive way. smiley


Agreed with @MinewireNetwork. This kind of information need something more than just list. You could also try slider and animate image and text on slide appear.


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