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How to add <br> ONLY for the mobile-size?


Hi there,
I would like to add a breakpoint(< br >) into a sentence only for the mobile display.
Would anyone tell me how to make it on Webflow?

Because the long sentence breaks at a wired point to fit the width of the mobile display, I need to get it make more sense.

I suppose I have to edit html to add < br > and set "display: none; " for PC display, but is it possible on Webflow?

This is the PC appearance. No problem.

Like this, I need a breakpoint only on mobile.

but the below is what I currently get on mobile.

Your help will be very much appreciated!
Thank you.

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Ou! I’m interested in that, too :raised_hands:t3:

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Try the ‘soft return’ (shift+enter) after the word “Red” on the mobile portrait. Btw - if you would share your Read-Only-link I could test it for You :slight_smile:

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i think changes in the text will always affect all breakpoints, so this won’t work :thinking:

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Thank you for your help, Mr. @shokoaviv !
but @Sonja_Jung is right, the change affects all. ;(



You might try the “padding” to force A break line

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Thank you so much! I didnt give it a think. this is kind of forcible way, but it works and its easy!

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Also you can use non-breaking space — Shift+Space


Add the read-only link, I promise not to steal your idea or tell anyone (as long as it has nothing to do with knowing the secrets to a woman’s mind, then i’ll steal it for myself). I already have a solution but I wanna try it first.


A better solution would be to take your heading then apply a text span to a portion of it. Give it a class, then set it to inline block on mobile.

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@webdev thank you for replying. In that case, how are we supposed to do it on Webflow? Do we have to go to Embed Html Code Editor?


No. It is described here.

Look at “Wrapping a text in span to style it further”.

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This is the best solution!
Thank you very much, finally I made it ^^


@Kana_Sano please mark @webdev answer as solution (the inline-block span trick) - to close this topic (& for future searches about this). Thanks :slight_smile:

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