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How to add canonical tag in webflow?


Maybe I am using the forum search function like a rookie but I cannot for the life of me find a topic on how to add a canonical tag in webflow. Anyone in the community got any help for this?


Hey there @GMP,

From my understanding this is how you are supposed to integrate it.

@itbrian40 is THE expert on SEO maybe he can confirm. :smiley:


Thanks for taking the time to try and help. I actually resolved this already. You are right about the process. The custom code page option is the only way I could figure. As for my blog I simply added the slug field to the code. Thanks again @zbrah :+1:


We also have this article here that walks over how to set this tag up:


Doh! I totally didn't search the blog for help. :confounded:

Thanks for pointing that out.


Maybe usefull for the people that want a canonical tag in their cms : Conditional canonical link in head custom code

Because i cant find if its a problem when a canonicaltag is empty ?

But with the technique in the forum link i posted i only have a canonical tag when the cms field is popolated.

Goodluck :slight_smile:


I added a wishlist item related to this:


Hi! in the case of a multilingual page, is it necessary to use canoncal linking for every translated page? If not, what is the solution to avoid being penalysed for duplicate pages?