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How to add date-picker in Ecommerce?



I looked at this tutorial on how to use date-picker but I am wondering if it’s possible to intergrate this inside Webflow E-commerce.


Hi Daniel,

My name is Cody, and I’m an engineer at Webflow.

I’m curious exactly what you mean by “integrate inside Webflow E-commerce”? Can you elaborate a bit more on exactly what sort of integration you had in mind in the context of E-commerce? For example, are you asking if a product can use a calendar input in some manner?

If you simply mean integrate a jQuery plugin into webflow than most any jQuery calendar plugin can be integrated inside Webflow regardless of if you building an E-commerce site or not.

You can read more about integrating jQuery plugins here: Webflow.js and jQuery plugins & here

Also, depending upon your needs you could also just implement a native calendar. But this would require a custom code embed and the browser support is limited. (e.g.

Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have any additional questions.

I’m happy to help further!

My Best,



Hey Cody,

This helps but I don’t understand. I wanted to create this as shown implemented with Shopify.

I have a customer who needs her customers to choose a date that is minimum 2 days after the day they place their order so she can let them know when it would be expected. It’s a bakery I’m designing this site for and she has customers who purchase online for in store pick up as well as customers who need shipping.

I just couldn’t seem to get the Webflow tutorial to work as I wasn’t sure if the calendar div would send the information to my client as well as the order details.

Here’s a wordpress example:

This is my read only link site:


Hi Daniel

Ah, I understand you now. Unfortunately, as of today, this is not possible with the E-commerce beta.

This would be a product customization. I believe this will be coming in future releases of E-commerce. So look out for that. :slight_smile:

Until then, and while not ideal, you might have the store owner follow up with each order via email to arrange an order date.

Sorry about that.



Ok sounds good. Thank you so much Cody!


Hi @XternalDesigns.
Foxy handles everything you’ve described 100% inside of Webflow. If you’re looking for a solution until Webflow releases this functionality, we may be a good fit. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.



was having the similar issue. thanks for the resolution. :smile:


Hey Josh,

Would Webflow Ecommerce and Foxy be able to coexist?

I’ve used Foxy previously and still have a subscription but just wondering if there would be any errors on functionality between the two.


UPDATE: they coexist.


Hi @miller315.
Thanks for getting in touch. There shouldn’t be any conflict in having both. Definitely let us know if you run into any issues though.



Hey @foxy ,

Please excuse the late reply. Unfortunately I had to go to Wordpress for this project but I really appreciate you reaching out.

Thank you so much,



No worries at all. We have a free WordPress plugin fwiw: