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How to add form block in Blog post?

Hi webflow comu,
I want to add a form in a specific post. How to add Form block in Blog post?

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Hey nguyenngochung- Are you looking to have a specific form on each CMS post? I think this article may help!

Hi, thanks for supporting. But no, i want to insert a form like this in a specific blog post

Create a switch field in your blog post collection, add the form to your blog post collection page, and set the conditional visibility to only show that form if the switch is checked. Now the form will only display on the blog posts with that switch enabled.

english is not my native language. there for it so hard to understand what you saying. Could you do it for my site. Here is my share link:

I wasn’t able to modify your collections, but I went ahead and setup something similar and walked through how to get that setup:

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oh so smart, why didn’t I think of that. Thank you very much, very detailed guide