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How to add personalized text to products?


Hi guys,

I want to sell products with customizable text printed on them. (think personalized greeting cards) So users should be able to add custom text to any product. Any ideas how i can pull this off with ecommerce? I thought I could add the option “Free text” as a product option. But that’s not possible afaik.

Thanks for your ideas


I have this exact same questions. Any ideas?


Why don’t t you add a comments field to the order cart.


Hi @aaronocampo
I have the same question. You mention adding a comments field to the order cart, please can you expand on this?
I have a client who requires personalised text on their products. How can I manage this as you suggest, if some items need to be personalised, whilst others are straight off the shelf?


Trying to bump this thread again, as its a deal breaker if I cannot offer a simple personalised text feature for 2 prospective clients. @aaronocampo mentioned adding a comments field to the order cart, but all I get is error messages stating “You can’t do that”. Any help on this would be fantastic.

I know foxy can do this, but my clients really like the seamless checkout and variants that Webflow can offer.


@RugbyWebDesign I too can’t find this option.
@aaronocampo Can you please expand on this?


@RugbyWebDesign We’re here if you need anything.


Thanks Josh I know you are. I really need a seamless variant option though. That chocolate project you helped me with is “on hold for 6 months”, but client assures me it will go ahead.