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How to Add Prev/Next Buttons to Tab Component

@ConnectCreativeDes Yes it’s possible to autoscroll tabs with some custom JavaScript development. See AutoPlay Tabs - Any ideas?

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Many thanks, just what I’m after! I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Cheers, will have a look into it!

please look to my problem also

This is an awesome tutorial thank you @samliew for the work.
Any way you can help me implement this but using the arrow keys?

Thank you

Most excellent tutorial, Samliew! Thanks so much for sharing this with us all.

Curious to learn if anyone knows if there is a way to control the animation of the tab content. For example, can we slide the tabs in from left/right/top/bottom, etc.?

I’m hoping to get more of a slideshow effect, since we cannot next slideshows inside of tabs.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to the feedback.


I love this idea of being able to build sequential workflows. I don’t have any experience writing code and implementing this type of thing yet. Do you know how I could have the previous and next buttons in each tab. Doing this would allow me to exclude the back tab from the first pane and the next button from the last pane.

Thank you!

Hello @parkerwest

Have you tried using pagination?

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m trying to create a sequential checkout process though like the one below.

Firstly just wish to say thank you for sharing this.

Then can I ask, is it possible to place the buttons inside a div and then inside the tab-wrapper, but then add to the script so that the tab-prev and tab-next can still be found on click?

Id like to show the div at the bottom of the wrapper on tablet and mobile so it is found after scrolling down through the tab contents.

Thanks for any advise, this has got me stumped.

Hi there. I have used this and works great. However for dynamic tabs / slideshow it won’t let me hide tab panes that have been set in conditions. Eg: Slide 4 is set. It still shows a white tab pane even though I have it set not to be shown.

I have a tab slide show set up with 5 tabs. Sometimes 3 tabs are used. How do I hide the extra 2 tab panes when not required. Thanks,


Any advice would be greatly appreciated