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How to add VW and VH units of measurement as style property values


I did read this article but I can't set "VH" value


To set VH values, type them in. VH isn't a unit proposed in the units drop down menu, but just type them in and they'll be taken.


Cool, it worked. Thanks.


I'm having trouble with setting the vh and vw as well -- when I try to manually enter them (like the example above), the value becomes red and when I hit return it defaults back to pixels. I'm using chrome 49.


@adelewh Make sure to type it in exactly as "20vh" or "30vw" and see if that works. Also it would be helpful if you shared a public share link. Thanks! :wink::blush::+1:


thanks, @VladimirVitaliyevich -- i had been doing it exactly as you suggested (typing it in exactly as 100vh) last night, and it wouldn't take it. I logged out and then logged back in this morning and gave it another try, and it is now taking the value.


@adelewh What browser are you running Webflow on? :wink::blush::+1:


chrome 49.something ... here is a public link to it: ... I was just playing with flex box .... which i'm going to continue to do now that I am able to put in the vh and vw values.

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