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How to adjust navbar linking on different pages


I have a question regarding navbar linking. The navbar I've created on the startpage has in-page linking to different sections. When you click on the cta buttons, that you can find in the different sections on the startpage, you will come to two subpages. The navbar links doesn't work on these subpages.

Is it possible to get the navbar links on the subpages to go to the different sections on the startpage? Or can I link them different here without affecting the menu on the home page? Would appreciate some help with this smile

Public link:

Cheers, Lizette


You can link to a specific section on another page, but to do that you need to type the complete url like this:


Hi Vincent!
I tried to write out the link as you wrote i.e. but I can't get it to work frowning


Hey @lizetterydberg

From what I can tell Startsida is your home page. You don't need to declare it in the URL because Weblow points that page to your domain root. will work as expected

If you wanted to link from your home page to an ID on another page then you would need the URL structure
as @vincent described.


As per @Davidn 's instructions, change on the subpages:

Kontacta Oss

Senaste nytt


Om Klubben

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