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How to Attribute a Wikimedia Commons image used as a background



I am using several wikimedia commons images on my website. Per the license, I need to attribute the author. Wikimedia does provide HTML code to do this (really, just adding the info as the title), but where should I put it? I can't use the embed widget because it's a section background photo (I tried that, but it essentially plonked another image on my page, which, when you hovered over it, you could see the author and license - which is just what I need to show, but on my background image).

Might someone kindly explain where I can insert this?

Thank you!

Here is an example of the "use on the web" code from Wikimedia:
London bus and telephone box on Haymarket

Here is my read only link:


Hi @Compass

You can try and downloading that image, then uploading it as a background image.

As for the attribution, how about just putting a text link that says something like "Photo by: Name Here" then link that over to the Wiki site.

Hope this helps smile


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