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How to blur a background image?


I have a content inside a section, thats inside a div block. This div block (parent element) has a BG image which I want to blur. To make the content itself stick more out.

However if I try to blur it now everything gets blurred, even the content, as the content itself is in the div block that im blurring…

Question is: how can I blur only the BG image?

If i blur now everything gets blurred:

Only want the BG image, but unsure how to apply blur effect on only the BG image.

Hey @rdngon Can you post a read only link so we can test your problem?

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Hey, thanks! Sent you a read only link now. Go to the blog page… That is the BG image i want to be blurred.

I think i just need to be able to disale inheritance from the top.
Or if its another way to blur a BG image. Probs easy but i just cant figure it out:p

@tylerbeaty hi.
Managed to fix it now.

Only issue left is that the top and bottom dividers are blurry as well. Would like them to be sharp. Tip?