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How to change color of visited links


I looked at the forum help on changing visited links but must be missing something as I still have blue visited links. I want to change the color to more appropriate color for the website.


Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)


Hi it's not covered by Webflows' UI at the moment, yet. You can add custom code at site level (in the dashboard, on the custom code tab, head section).

Code like this:

a:visited {
color: #4a4a4a;


a.classname:visited {
color: #4a4a4a;

(4a4a4a is a color, gray, put your own.)

.classnmae is the name you give to a link or link block. Like this:

So here it would be a.sharing-cta:visited

Change a:visited links color / not working [ Custom code route ]

Not being a coder this is what I did but still no change.


Remove every CAPITAL letter in class names and replace spaces with "-"


Perfectly fine, Webflow is the place for us who don't want to be coders, right? :smile:


Thank you! To clarify like this?


Exactly right :smile:


Then I still have an issue. I must be posting this in the wrong place. I pasted this code in the custome code section under head code and then saved. Is there somewhere else that it needs to go? Thank you.


Hey @Hassyman

I missed something sorry here is the correct code paste this in the 1st section of custom code



Thank you!

I am still missing something. Here is what I did.


Hi @Hassyman

Just checked your website seems you entered wrong class names

Here is the new code

Note: Custom code only shows up on the live site not in the designer.

If this does not work ill be happy to assist further



THANK YOU! I am about to give up. I got the color to be what I want but now Webflow will not show hover color on published site, only in design software.


Hey @Hassyman

Glad i could help sorry about the wrong code before had a very tiring day.

The hover seems to be working fine for me did you figure it out? :smile:



Hover works if I delete the custom code. What is published right now is with the code deleted.


Can you add the code and publish the site so i can figure out the error :smile:


Done. I don't want visited links to change color but do want hover to show when cursor is hovering. Color for link and visited link is the same.


Wait i dont think im understanding you dont want the links to change color when you hover if so what do you want to show to indicate its a hover effect?


I want the color to be gold, when hovered over then turn white, then visited the same gold.


Huh that's weird i guess custom code might be causing this try adding this code:

Hope this helps :smile:



Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! Sorry to be a little slow!