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How to charge clients

Hello,I am considering webflow. Just confused about services and how I would bill my clients. I realize it is my business however, perhaps you can give me suggestions or examples of how others are billing their clients.Right now I have unlimited hosting with go daddy. So I include hosting, plus designing in a package that they only pay 1 price for instance 1,000. However, with webflow I would have to purchase a separate plan for each clients site. Correct? So if they are with me forever, each year they would have to pay a price for a plan. Is that correct? That seems to be a high price to pay. How would some give a price for a site that will be up indefinitely? I am lost. can you help?Thank you

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Here I am sharing some advice for you Should Charge Clients:

  1. Know the market.
  2. Keep tabs on the competition.
  3. Hourly or Per-Project
  4. Determine how much money you need to earn.
  5. Consider your client
  6. The Mattress Method.
  7. Track everything.