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How to click anywhere to close a full page nav menu?


Hello there,

I have looked everywhere but did not find a solution! I wonder whether it is possible to set a full-page nav menu in a way that, when click anywhere in the menu, the nav menu will close. Currently it seems to me that the only solution is to create a new close button in the nav menu, and that is not easy to use and I have run into various problem just to setting that up…I wonder if anyone has any solutions? :smiley:

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bump to see if anyone knows anything hehe


Maybe by wrapping your menu and set an interaction to close on click? I really have no idea but it might work!


In general: dont create on mobile so small buttons (Use 100% width for each button - so the user gets big clickable area):

When your button will be with this pattern you dont need the click on overlay idea.


very cool animation! Do you know how to create full-page nav menu where the “close” menu button is shown? Somehow when I set my nav menu to “full”, the menu button disappears!


You must add url with the problem. “full” is general term.

debugging: Inspect element in view mode and check whats happen:

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