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How to close nav menu ONLY on click


Hey there! I have created an “on click” animation to rotate my hamburger menu. However, currently users can also close the menu by clicking anywhere away from the dropdown menu.

This poses an issue because my menu button is still in the “closed” state of the animation (1st click), and I need users to have to click the menu button to close so that the hamburger animation closes (2nd click).

Does that make sense? Maybe there’s a better way to do the hamburger transition altogether…the only legitimate article is from 2016 using the old UI so I’m struggling mightily on this.

Here is my public share link: LINK


Hey @michaelriddering,

You must have some sort of interaction on that body area. It looks like the div .w-nav-overlay fills the body when the nav is open, could you share the preview link so we can look at the interaction


Ah yes, here’s the link HERE